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Registration Date:Mar. 09, 2007
Last Updated:Mar. 30, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Telecommunications category

Company Brief

Distributor for Aethra video conferencing, Kensence audio visual system solution, Viewcast for Osprey for Video Capture and Niagara for encoding and streaming solution. Not only video conferencing, we also carry Network Infrastructure and other products from Aethra. With the longest service on selling Aethra product in Indonesia, we understand very much on the product and service that match with your need. As an authorise distributor of Aethra, we not only selling the product, but also providing you with consultation, support after sales, etc. Understanding customer need, provide  The Right Type for The Right Need to make sure that your investment is value for money. We take care of your video conference, so you can take care about your business. Back up units are available during warranty to ensure that your business never stop. Long term relationship is the key to grow our business, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR COMMITMENT

Major Products / Services
  • Audio Video Conferencing
    Telecommunication Equipmnet, concentration on Audio Video Conference, Headset, Networking, Network Infrastructure. We carry several brands such as Aethra, Polycom, Microtel. Some of the favorite model are Aethra Vega X3, Aethra Vega X5, Aethra Vega X7, Aethra MCU+, Aethra MCU AMS400, Polycom Sound Station 2, Polycom Sound Station 2 EX, Polycom Sound Station Wireless, Polycom VTX 1000, Polycom VSX 5000, Polycom VSX 6000, Polycom VSX 7000s, Polycom VSX 8000, Polycom HDX, etc. To visit our website, click www.globalindo88.com
  • Rental Video Conference
    Rental Video Conference Equipment
    Rental Video Conference Room with IP and ISDN connection
  • Viewcast
    Your Bridge to Internet Broadcasting

    As the global leader in the streaming industry, ViewCast continues to set the standard for innovative, reliable streaming media solutions that enable the capture, management and delivery of video to broadband and mobile networks.
    Our customers include some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, enterprises, educational institutions and government entities. And these organizations rely on ViewCast solutions each day to deliver millions of high-quality video streams to viewers all around the world.
  • Rental Video Conference Room
    If you have meeting room for rent, we can supply you with video conference equipment for rental.

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